Flâneur: A Solo Exhibition of Hong Kong Artist Tse Yim On


Exhibition period: 22nd June – 6th July 2013

Venue: iPRECIATION (誰先覺) 50 Cuscaden Road HPL House #01-01 Singapore 249724 Tel 65 6339 0678

Ipreciation Singapore is pleased to present Flâneur, a solo exhibition of acrylic paintings by Hong Kong contemporary artist, Tse Yim On. This exhibition will mark the debut of his works in Singapore.

34 paintings from his series, Insane Fairy Tale and Mongkok Library, will be on display. Tse is often known for his painterly collages of imageries that reflect cultural and social issues in post-colonial Hong Kong. He is inspired by current affairs and popular cultures that had gradually shaped the Hong Kong identity. Take for instance the painting, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, from the Insane Fairy Tales series. The appropriation of iconic figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Deng Xiao Peng, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping, suggests the lineage of political reigns in Hong Kong history, and at the same time, attempts to bring forth the collective memories of those days.

In Mongkok Library series, Tse took on a slightly varied approach. Synonymous to the title, the works portray various characters reading at a public library in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Yet, the relationship between the characters and the selected book titles subtly expresses his original intent. In Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, Tse depicted the characters as representatives of China reading a book on The Sinking of Japan to reflect the Chinese’s apathetic attitude toward the tragedy of Tohoku earthquake in Japan.

While Tse’s paintings may be in the context of Hong Kong, they could still be relevant in Singapore. After all, both cities are descendants of post-colonialism.

Tse Yim On Tse Yim On was born in 1974 in Hong Kong. He obtained his Degree of Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998 and 2001 respectively.  Tse has been well-regarded among the contemporary art arena in Hong Kong for his distinctive contribution over the last decade. In 1998, he received the Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award and was appointed as the Art Adviser to the Hong Kong Art Development Council from 2002 to 2008. His artworks are widely collected by museums as well as private collectors and have been exhibited internationally in many solo and group exhibitions including countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Israel.


Flauner-TYO-work1 Flauner-TYO-work2 Flauner-TYO-work3 Flauner-TYO-work4 Flauner-TYO-work5 Flauner-TYO-work6

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