Emerging Japanese Artists at iPRECIATION Hong Kong



27 May – 11 June 2011

iPRECIATION is delighted to present a novel joint exhibition by 5 emerging Japanese artists whose works are child-like, yet thought-provoking. Artists include Shimizu Tomohiro, Makita Sohei, Tomita Natsumi, Takagi Makito and Yuasa Kanako.

Shimizu Tomohiro
Born in Iwate, Japan in 1977, Shimizu only began reflecting upon an artistic career in his early twenties. Shimizu obtained a degree in science from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1999. However, after a few years working as an engineer in the Nippon Electric Company, he left his post and enrolled in the Oil Painting Course at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Shimizu’s inaugural solo exhibition “The World of Shimizu Tomohiro” was held in iPRECIATION Singapore this Year in April. In Shimizu’s oil paintings, the artist desires to explore the workings of his subconscious through his beloved protagonist, a pensive, sensuous little girl.

Makita Sohei
Born in Tochigi prefecture in 1980, Makita Soehi obtained both his bachelor and master degree at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Makita has exhibited widely in Tokyo, inclusive of a solo exhibition in Tokyo Live & Moris gallery. By creating the elusive boy sculpture using camphor wood, in a variety of odd sizes, Makita hopes to materialise his dreams, as he carves and analyses the surreal figure that darts about, musing as it finally takes form in the outer world of consciousness.

Tomita Natsumi
Born in Tokyo in 1986, Tomita Natsumi graduated from the famous Tama Art Univeristy in Tokyo. Tomita’s quirky sculptures, made utilising recyclables, denote life and human behaviour through her unique approach. Her works have been featured at galleries and museums throughout Japan, including The National Art Center in Tokyo and Hamada Children’s Museum of Art in Shimane. Making use of mixed media and newspaper, Natsumi’s miniature sculptures depicts people riding in a Hong Kong mass transit railway, as they purposefully head about to work or play. Although small, Natsumi has captured their expressions with a delicacy that is both endearing and startling.

Takagi Makito
Takagi Makito was born in Shizuoka in 1986 and graduated from Oil Painting Course at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Apart from exhibiting in art museums and galleries, Takagi’s works were also featured in venues such as Pediatrics of Hospital and Open Art Plaza in Japan. Takagi’s paintings feature snapshots of random figures, cartoon inspired creatures that parody human beings, and our imperfections. Denoted as ‘Snapshots’, Takagi’s figures attempt to strike stylish poses; however, regardless of how hard they try to look good in front of a camera, or in the presence of others, it does not go well… parodying the failure we experience, when we attempt to be somebody else, instead of joyfully embracing our own person.

Yuasa Kanako
Yuasa Kanako was born in Yokohama City of Japan. She studied oil painting at the Tokyo Zokei University and graduated in 2010. Yuasa has participated in a numbers of solo and group exhibitions throughout Japan, including three solos in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Yuasa’s works, though surreal, capture the essence of a lost childhood. Inspired by the ideal of a theme park, Yuasa’s pencil on paper works capture the desire and pleasure experienced by a child, on a fun day out. However, in these paintings, there is neither sound nor colour. What remains is the shape of objects – the soft outlines, and black, white shades analogous to the seeds of memory.


In support of the earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan, iPRECIATION will donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of exhibits to the Central Community Chest of Japan at United Way Worldwide.

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