Cheung Yee


Published on the occasion of ‘The Art of Cheung Yee’, organised by iPRECIATION.

Edited by Dr Zhu Qi, published and designed by iPRECIATION.


One of the most respected names in modern Asian art, Hong Kong master sculptor Cheung Yee is renowned as a pioneer for the integration of Western sculptural forms with classical Chinese symbols and motifs. Working with a variety of mediums, Cheung Yee’s works retain a keen sense of aesthetic perception and distinct style, even as he draws from a myriad of influences: early American art, Egyptian art, ancient Chinese philosophy, geomancy, among various others. Renowned for pioneering the technique and philosophy of integrating Western sculptural forms with traditional Chinese symbols and motifs, Cheung Yee is truly an exemplary craftsman whose works not only showcase his immense skills and dedication, but also messages of historical and philosophical significance.

Containing over 70 illustrations of works from 1964 to 2007, this publication traces Cheung Yee’s development as an artist and showcases some of his best works, which includes sculpture, wood relief and cast paper. The publication is also accompanied by an essay by Dr Zhu Qi, an established writer on fine arts, as well as an interview with the artist.

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