Leung Kui Ting, As Colorful As Ink



30 August – 12 September 2002

59 – 61 Kim Yam Road Singapore 049178

iPRECIATION is delighted to present a series of exquisite ink and colour paintings by Hong Kong artist Leung Kui Ting.

In his early years, Leung experimented with abstract forms, utilizing strictly angular or curvilinear strokes, and employing these contemporary touches to test its effect on traditional Chinese ink painting models. Although this formed a basis for intriguing technique, it ceased to reconcile the artist’s struggle between Eastern and Western aesthetical values.

Up till the 1970s, Leung incorporated a multitude of vivid colours in his creations, and gradually these colours assisted in the artist’s resolve, as he forged a balance between the old and new, allowing his creations to transcend as they broke through a predominantly conventional façade, revived through the intensive integration of various shades.

By the early 1990s, Leung’s art had attained to a higher level, a progression sparked from his frequent visits to northwest China. Despite his contemporary embracement, the artist’s faithful allegiance to nature is archetypal of the traditional Chinese scholar painter, allowing an antecedent artistic proclivity to follow him through a fresh spectrum of creativity, a creativity that would in time, fuse with Leung’s modern views to create a work of art that bridges the delicate divide that holds two cultures apart, whilst being akin to a time capsule that materialises the synthesis of two disparate eras, providing a spatial quality formerly unacquainted with the mind’s eye.

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