Zhuang Shengtao 莊聲濤 (b. 1944)

Artist Zhuang Shengtao (b. 1944) was born in Chao’an, China. He moved to Singapore in 1955 where he enrolled in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts later in 1964 and studied Chinese painting and calligraphy under the tutelage of renowned Singaporean calligrapher, See Hiang To. Being exposed to many years of education in the Chinese classics gave him a steadfast grounding in Chinese literature, brushwork and the philosophy of Taoism. He excelled in his academic studies and majored in Chinese Literature at the Nanyang University in Singapore, where he obtained both a Bachelor’s degree in 1974 and a Master’s degree in 1977. In 1981, Zhuang traveled to France to study French at the University of Nice (Nice, France) and the Alliance Francoise (Paris, France). Zhuang also studied printmaking at the Cornish College of the Arts  (Seattle, Washington, USA) in 1988 and achieved a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) in 1990.

During his sojourns to Europe and the USA, he visited various museums and galleries, immersing himself in the rich histories and cultural offerings of the respective countries. The experience gained from traveling broadened his perspectives and inspired him to seek new ways to contemporize traditional Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. He felt compelled to experiment with unconventional methods of expression after his return to Singapore. The crucial period that Zhuang spent traveling to Europe and the USA was to become a deep influence on his creative practice, even to this day. Hence, between the period of 1984 to 2010, there is a significant development in his artistic pursuit from one of tradition to that of the contemporary. The abstract and organic compositions of his ink paintings from the past decade or so are reminiscent of the dynamic, raw and sweeping aesthetics of post-war Western art, yet maintain the elegance and symbolism of Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. Zhuang has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Singapore and other countries, including ‘Journey of Ink’, (1993, Singapore National Museum Art Gallery), ‘Power and Poetry – Monuments and Meditations in Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings’ (1998, Singapore Art Museum), ‘5th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen’ (1999, Shenzhen, China) BenSe Art Museum, (2009, Suzhou, China) and ‘The Ink Art of Zhuang Shengtao’ (2017, iPreciation Gallery, Singapore).


  • 1990 | Master of Fine Arts, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • 1977 | Master of Arts, Nanyang University, Singapore
  • 1974 | Bachelor of Arts (Honours), First Class, Nanyang University, Singapore
  • 1964 | Foundation Class, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2018 | Ink Expressions II: Traditions and Contestations, Artspace @ Helutrans, Singapore
  • 2011 | Ink Expressions, Gallery 3 Artspace, Helutrans, Singapore
  • 2009 | Shuimo Yuehui, True Colour Museum, Suzhou, China
  • 2009 | A Florid Movement of Harmony, in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China
  • 2007 | Exploration: New Ink Art Shanghai, the 3rd Shanghai Ink Biennial, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
  • 2006 | Modern Ink of Singapore, 5th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
  • 1999 | Exposition of Arts, Shanghai, China
  • 1998 | Power and Poetry – Monuments and Meditations in Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 1995 | Perception: Drawings by 6 Singaporean Artists, Cicada Gallery, Singapore
  • 1993 | Journey of Ink, Singapore National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
  • 1993 | 2nd ASEAN Workshop, Symposium and Exhibition, Cultural Centre of Philippines, Manila, Philippines
  • 1990 | Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, Henry Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
  • 1987 | New Direction: Singapore Contemporary Art in the 80s, Singapore National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
  • 1987 | The National Museum Centennial Art Exhibition, Singapore National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
  • 1984 | 4th ASEAN Travelling Exhibition of Visual Art, ASEAN Countries
  • 1983 | Three Singaporean Artists in Australia, Raya Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1982 | 3rd ASEAN Travelling Exhibition of Visual Art, ASEAN Countries

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