Zhan Wang 展望 (b. 1962)

Born in Beijing in 1962, Zhan Wang studied at the Beijing Industrial Arts College for a year from 1995 – 96. He returned to the same college to further his studies from 1978 -81. Two years later, he spent five years studying in the Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing before graduating in 1988.

Zhan Wang is widely recognized as one of China’s leading contemporary artists today.  Working in installation, photography and video, his sculpturally informed practice challenges ideas of landscape and environment, addressing the urban, rural, artificial and industrial. Zhan Wang’s art is a particular perspective fundamentally anchored in his relationship to his own cultural heritage.

Throughout the 1990s, as a young artist, Zhan took part in many group exhibitions and sculpture competitions in China (Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guilin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In 1996 he began to exhibit overseas, invited to participate in platforms such as the International Sculpture Wild-Open Show in Fukuoka, and “The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artist” at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Between 1997 – 99, he was also invited to exhibit at The Watari-um Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, the Hayward Gallery in London and the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York, and other exhibitions in Taiwan, Auckland, Chicago, and San Francisco.

In the 2000s, the artist continued to actively participate in many exhibitions and platforms in China such as the National Art Museum of China. For international exhibitions, he has exhibited his work in Asia: Singapore, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Busan; in the USA, San Francisco, Washington D.C and in Europe, Venice, Brussels, Budapest, London, Sweden, and Germany. Notably, in 2000, Zhan took part in the 3rd Shanghai Biennale at the Shanghai Art Museum. Three years later in 2003, Zhan participated in the Chinese Pavilion at the 50th edition of the Venice Biennale.

To date, Zhan Wang has exhibited extensively in major museums and galleries across the world including the National Museum of China (Beijing, China), Williams College Museum of Art (Massachusetts, USA), Kunst Museum (Bern, Switzerland), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan), International Center of Photography (New York, USA) and the Asia Society Museum (New York, USA) just to name a few.  He has also executed a number of art projects at significant landmarks such as Mount Everest and the Great Wall of China. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019 | The Invisible, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2017 | Forms in Flux, Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China
  • 2015 | Space Art Project “One Plus One”, Shanghai Hong Fong,  Shanghai, China
  • 2015 | “Nothing for the time being”, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai, China
  • 2014 | Morph, Long March Space, Beijing, China
  • 2012 | Form of Formless, Long March Space, Beijing, China / Universe, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
  • 2011 | My Personal Universe, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Bejing, China
  • 2010 | Reflection Zhan Wang, ESLITE Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2010 | Suyuan Stone Generator – 1 Hour Equals 100 Million Years, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2008 | Zhan Wang Garden Utopia, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
  • 2008 | On Gold Mountain: Sculptures from the Sierra, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA
  • 2008 | 86 Divinity Figures, Long March Space, Beijing, China
  • 2008 | Zhan Wang, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, USA
  • 2006 | Zhan Wang Urban Landscape – Beijing, Williams College Museum of Art, Massachusetts, USA
  • 2005 | Flowers in the Mirror, Han Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China
  • 2004 | Mount Everest Project to the Summit, 8,853.5m Mt. Everest, Tibet, China
  • 2003 | The Now Sky Plan Collection and Display, Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Xichang, China
  • 2002 | From Sweden to Taipei, Taipei/Taichung, Taiwan
  • 2002 | Sham Nature – Zhan Wang’s Artificial ‘Jia Shan Shi’, Han Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China
  • 2001 | In & Out Floating Rock on Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2001 | Inlay Great Wall, Remnant Great wall of Badaling, Beijing, China
  • 2000 | Beyond Twelve Nautical Miles – Floating Rock Drifts on the Open Sea, Lingshan Island, Jiaonan City, Shandong, China
  • 1994 | Vacant Empty – Seduction Series’ Works of Zhan Wang, CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 | iPreciation 20th Anniversary: Reverie Collection – 25 Years of Art Collecting Journey, iPreciation Gallery, Singapore
  • 2018 | Speak to the Stones, and the Stars Answer, Haines Gallery, San Francisco
  • 2018 | From 1978 to 2018 Shaped By 40 Artists Art History”, Power Long Museum, Shanghai, China
  • 2018 | The Road Of Avant-Garde Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanshan Museum, Shenzhen, China
  • 2017 | Wu Bin: Ten Views of a Lingbi Stone, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
  • 2017 | Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA / 4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts
  • 2016 | An Instance of Concentration: Reminiscence and Peconstruction, OCT Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China
  • 2016 | The 3nd Nanjing International Art Festival: Scarcity & Supply, Committee Baijia Lake Museum, Nanjing, China 
  • 2015 | La Chine Ardente – Sculptures Monumentales Contemporaines, Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium
  • 2015 | CHINA 8 – Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr, Foundation for Art and Culture Bonn, Germany
  • 2015 | Breaking the Image, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2015 | The Wondrous All: Leading Edge of Eastern Thought, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2014 | Bloom: ESLITE GALLERY 25th Anniversary, ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2013 | Passage to History:20 Years of la Biennale di Venezia and Chinese Contemporary Art Biennale Arte 2013, Venice, Italy
  • 2013 | Those Leading Contemporary Art Practices A Juried Invitational Exhibition of AAC (the Award of Art China), Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2012 | Chinese public Art in Cassell, Cassell, Germany
  • 2011 | Songzhuang Art Festival: If – Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Scenery, Songzhuang, Beijing, China
  • 2011 |3rd Art Changsha, Hunan Provincial Museum, Changsha, China
  • 2011 |Shanshui – Chinese Landscape in Chinese Contemporary Art, Museum of Art in Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • 2010 | Zaoxing: Artwork from the Faculty of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2010 | Great Performances, Pace Beijing, Beijing, China
  • 2010 | Crossing Horizons: Contemporary Art From China, National Gallery Chile, Santiago, Chile
  • 2009 | Collision, Experimental Cases of Contemporary Chinese Art, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 2009 | Sculpture in Nature, Nature of Sculpture, Foundation de 11 Lijnen, Oudenburg, Belgium
  • 2009 | Beijing – Havana: New Contemporary Chinese Art Revolution, National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba, Havana, Cuba
  • 2008 | Chinese Exhibitions and Events in London, British Museum, London, UK
  • 2008 | The Revolution Continues – New Chinese Art, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  • 2008 | Chinese Gardens for Living: Illusion into Reality, Dresden State Art Collections, Dresden, Germany
  • 2008 | Beijing – Athens, Contemporary Art from China, Athens National Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece
  • 2007 | Reincarnation, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada /
  • 2007 | Recapture History – Contemporary Chinese Art From the Collection, Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China
  • 2007 | Net: Re-Imagining Space, Time and Culture, Chambers Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  • 2007 | Art Now Shanghai, Inaugural Exhibition of Beijing Art Now Gallery in Shanghai, Art Now Gallery, Shanghai, China
  • 2006 | New Occidentalism – Chinese Contemporary Art in Beijing, Hongxuan Plaza, Beijing, China
  • 2006 | Art in Motion, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
  • 2006 | Hyper Design: The 6th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai, China
  • 2005 | Electrical Scape: International New Media Art Exhibition, Zendai Museum, Shanghai, China
  • 2005 | Chinese Avant-garde Sculpture, Museum Sculptures by the Sea, Hague, Netherlands
  • 2005 | Universal Experience – Art, Life and the Tourist’s Eye, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, USA; Haywood Gallery, London, UK
  • 2005 | The Elegance of Silence, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2004 | Beyond Boundaries, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China
  • 2004 | Sightseeing from Beijing: Exchange Exhibition with Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sydney College of Arts and University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
  • 2003 | Blue Sky Unguarded, Yizhuang, Beijing, China
  • 2003 | Dreams and Conflicts – The Dictatorship of the Viewer, Synthi-Scapes: Chinese Pavilion, 50th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
  • 2002 | The Long March – A Walking Visual Display, Ruijin, Jiangxi/ Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Xichang, China
  • 2002 | Chinese Contemporary Art Touring Exhibition, Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, Germany
  • 2001 | Hot Pot: Chinese Contemporary Art, Kunstnemes Hus, Oslo, Norway
  • 2001 | New Starting Point, Art Gas Station, Beijing, China
  • 2001 | Cross Crossing, Modern Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
  • 2001 | Dream: Contemporary Art of China, Atlantic Fine Art, London, UK
  • 2000 | Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture from China, Qingdao Sculpture Museum, Qingdao, China
  • 2000 | Oriental Plaza Selected Contemporary Sculpture from China, Oriental Plaza, Beijing, China
  • 1999 | Cities on the Move, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark; Hayward Gallery, London, UK; Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1998 | Signs of Life: Group Exhibition of Modern Chinese Art, Modern Art Studio, Beijing, China
  • 1998 | Cities on the Move, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux, France; P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA
  • 1998 | Autonomous Action – New Chinese Art on Video, Art Space, Auckland, New Zealand 
  • 1997 | Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Watari-um Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1997 | Eternal Memory – Nanshan Sculpture Exhibition, Nanshan Sculpture Institute, Shenzhen, China
  • 1997 | Cities on the Move – Asian Contemporary Art (Touring Exhibition 1997 –1999) China
  • 1996 | TEDA International Sculpture Competition, Tianjin, China
  • 1996 | The First Exhibition in Mountain-Forest Sculpture Park, Huairou, Beijing, China 
  • 1995 | 45 Degrees as a Reason, Art Exchange, Hangzhou/ Shanghai/ Beijing, China
  • 1995 | Development Plan, Triplicate Studio 1st Exhibition, remains of the original Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  • 1995 | Women·Site, Triplicate Studio 2nd Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China
  • 1994 | Cleaning Ruins Project, Wang Fujing, Beijing, China
  • 1994 | Second National Urban Sculpture Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
  • 1994 | Agree to 11/26 as a Reason, Art Exchange, Hangzhou/Shanghai/Beijing, China
  • 1993 | Taiwan – Beijing Two Sides of the Strait, Sculpture Exchange, Kaohsiung Art Gallery, Taiwan; Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • 1992 | 20th Century China, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
  • 1992 | Contemporary Youth Sculptor Invitation Exhibition, Gallery of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Zhejiang, China
  • 1991 | New Generation Art Exhibition, Chinese History Museum, Beijing, China
  • 1990 | The First Studio Art Exhibition, CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China
  • 1987 | Art Academy Student Work Exhibition, Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  • 1986 | Beijing Youth Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

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