Tse Yim On 謝炎安 (b. 1974)

Born in 1974, Hong Kong, Tse Yim On 謝炎安 grew up in the Generation X era and was heavily influenced by the rise of titillating, pseudo-violent cartoons, especially the heavily caricatured style of Japanese anime. His art is satirical and wildly fantastic, using a highly coloured lens filled with cartoon visuals and pop culture aesthetics.

What is most notable is Tse’s striking insight overlaid by a keen and witty sense of humour, almost parallel to Warhol’s Pop Art. Unlike other conceptual or popular culture artists, his artistic techniques remain assured and meticulously detailed. However, Tse’s real strength lies in his undeniable relevance even in today’s fast-changing world and his individualistic contributions to the face of contemporary culture. His paintings are vibrant and command attention. Once drawn to his paintings, it is hard not to be complicit in deciphering the messages behind his works, bringing into hearts and minds of its viewers its captivating elements.

Tse Yim On acquired his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1998, he was awarded the “Hong Kong Urban Council Fine art Award”. He has participated extensively in various art exhibitions, especially those staged to illustrate existing social issues. Tse has been an advisor to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council since 2002. His work has been increasingly sought after and collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and private collectors.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018 | Wonderful World of Color by Tse Yim On, Gallery by the Harbour, Harbour City, Hong Kong
  • 2013 | Flaneur, iPreciation, Singapore
  • 2012 | Mongkok Library, iPreciation, Hong Kong
  • 2010 | Great Righteousness Resolving Confusion, iPreciation Hong Kong
  • 2003 | I have a Beautiful World Because I Love You, Para/site, Hong Kong
  • 1998 | Perusing Culture, Para/site, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibitions 

  • 2019 | Together We March Forward: New Asia 70th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Hart Hall, H Queen’s, Hong Kong
  • 2019 | Under the Bridge Art Project: Once Upon a Lychee, Mei Foo Bus Terminus, Hong Kong
  • 2018 | Art New York 2018, Pier 94, New York, USA
  • 2017 | Evolving Images: Modern Hong Kong Printmaking, 17, Sun Museum, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • 2016 | From Longing to Belonging, CMC Gallery, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • 2016 | Portable Art Week 2016, iPreciation, Singapore
  • 2015 | Art Paris, Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris
  • 2014 | From Longing to Belonging, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland
  • 2012 | Painting On and On, Southsite, Hong Kong
  • 2012 | Four Symbols – Eight Faces, iPreciation, Hong Kong
  • 2011 | Octopus – Nine Contemporary Artists from Hong Kong, Hanina Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2010 | You are Here, I am Not, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
  • 2009 | Blindness & Insight, The Rotunda Exchange Square, Hong Kong
  • 2008 | CHiE!, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
  • 2005 | Excursion to the readings, Para/site, Hong Kong

Images of artworks

TYO-0013_2010-03, 2010, 91.3x91.3cm, acrylic on canvas




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