Tomita Natsumi (b. 1986)

Equipped with a sharp eye for detail, Tomita Natsumi, a young, gifted artist from Japan, was born in Tokyo in 1986. She enrolled in an oil painting course at Tama Art University, which is located in her hometown.. Since 2007, she has held several solo exhibitions participated in Asian art fairs, and had her works under the collection of renowned Japanese art institutions such as the Hamada Children’s Museum of Art. On par with her witty, atypical perspectives, she uses a variety of quirky, unlikely mediums –  materials that are elementary to everyday life, and are no doubt far less employed in the artistic realm.

Tomita’s approach is youthful and rebellious as she unconventionally employs the bare essentials to convey her impressions of the world. She strives to reassess one’s role within the natural environment, specifically the lack of affinity between urbanity and nature. A potpourri of animals, vibrant and flamboyant, is paradoxically emulated using odd scraps of material, the constituents each acquiring a creative improbability, Given Tomita’s decidedly innovative streak, it is in her artistic nature to  appealing simulations. Endearing, highly intuitive, and extremely imaginative, Tomita evokes a sentiment of child-like enthusiasm amongst viewers, whilst furthering a creative expansion amongst a younger audience.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • All my Newborns, 2012, iPreciation, Hong Kong
  • Solo Exhibition, 2009, iPreciation, Singapore

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