The Legend 傳·說 – A Solo Exhibition by Lim Soo Ngee

The Legend 傳·說 – A Solo Exhibition by Lim Soo Ngee

Private Preview: Saturday, November 11 2023  (By Invitation Only)

Exhibition Opens to Public: November 14 – December 2 2023

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 11 2023 (2 – 3pm)

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Come see the tales of people come to life in the form of rustic wood sculptures that may remind you of perhaps someone and somebody. The Legend 傳·說 is a showcase featuring new works by one of Singapore’s most known sculptors, Lim Soo Ngee who consistently delights viewers with his thought-provoking works. 

In this exhibition, Lim gives ‘legends’ a playful spin by interrogating the hearsay aspect of such narratives in today’s world. With an extensive collection of anecdotes heard elsewhere and anywhere, Lim creates captivating figurines that are packed with emotive stories of people and their lives through the lens of others. It is important to understand that these sculptures are shaped by the accounts of people, as the artist attempts to pivot the discussion to the rudimentary formation of stories.  

When looking at Lim’s sculptures, we often find ourselves being reminded of an individual that we know of or someone we didn’t know and could only guess. Past and present alike, the narratives largely stayed the same, stemming from reality, stirred with perceived truth and a spoonful of imagination. While a story begins with telling, the multitude of ways of interpreting and re-telling give rise to fascinating variations that are somewhat similar and/or different. This common amnesia and/or collective memory in Lim’s works is an embodiment of the nature of narratives. 

Lim has brilliantly conceptualized a blend of heterogeneity and homogeneity to highlight that our perception is very much influenced by the world around us and is fluid as we move on to different stages in life. The titles may have indicated who the person could be. Perhaps they are a commendable person, or not at all. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Because the persona that surfaced in our heads will never be a shared experience. 

As he traces the inkling of a legend and challenges the notion of what should be a legend, Lim invites viewers to relook at how stories are being told and reconnect with the humans present in these tales. 

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