Teko 壺說八道 – A Group Exhibition

(E-Catalogue available 3rd June 2024)

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Saturday, Jun 8, 2024, 2 – 6pm (By Invitation Only)

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Jun 10 – Jun 22, 2024

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Saturday, Jun 15, 2024, 4 – 5pm

Saturday, Jun 22, 2024, 2 – 3pm

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Artist Talk:

Saturday, Jun 22, 2024, 3 – 4.30pm

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Moderated by Dr Hwang Yin


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iPRECIATION is delighted to present Teko 壺說八道, a group exhibition featuring eight Singaporean ceramic artists: Han Sai Por (b. 1943), Suriani Suratman (b. 1959), Oh Chai Hoo (b. 1960), Chua Chon Hee (b. 1960), Ahmad Abu Bakar (b. 1963), Chor Mui Ling (b. 1969), Chua Choon Lims (b. 1972), and Loy Yan Ling (b. 1974).  iPRECIATION has invited these artists to come together for this unique exhibition, celebrating their individual voices and creative interpretations.

About the Exhibition:

The title beautifully combines Malay and Chinese languages, symbolising the diverse yet harmonious spirit of the exhibition. “Teko,” which is Malay for “teapot,” immediately grounds the title in a familiar and accessible object. The playful twist comes with the Chinese characters “壺說八道” (hú shuō bā dào), where “壺” (hú) translates to “vessel,” while the remaining characters echo the Chinese idiom “胡说八道” (meaning “to talk nonsense”), reinterpreting it into “teapot talk.” This witty adaptation embodies the collaborative spirit of the artists and celebrates multicultural voices and artistic expressions using the familiar form of the vessel as a springboard for creativity.

The initial spark for Teko ignited from conversations between Oh Chai Hoo and Chua Chon Hee. Inspired by the vessel’s potential as a platform for artistic expression, they envisioned an exhibition that pushed the boundaries of ceramic creativity. This collaborative spirit extended to the selection of artists, each chosen for their unique voice and perspective. The curatorial vision prioritised “depth (思想性)” in interpretation, encouraging artists to approach the theme with individuality. The resulting collection showcases a spectrum of narratives and technical mastery, a testament to the “eight not the same voices (八把不一样的声音).”

Teko 壺說八道invites viewers to see the artworks not just as utilitarian objects but as a creative medium for captivating narratives. It exalts the remarkable potential of ordinary clay, undergoing a metamorphosis in the hands of skilled artists into contemporary sculptures. Each piece whispers tales resonating with history, cultural heritage, and the enduring human spirit. Like heirlooms transcending time, they carry echoes of ancestral wisdom, sparking conversation on our collective identity and shared narrative.

About the Artists:

Han Sai Por 韩少芙 (b. 1943, Singapore)

Han Sai Por is one of Asia’s leading modern sculptors. She is a recipient of Singapore’s Cultural Medallion Award (1995). She has participated in numerous international exhibitions and projects around the world. Her works can be found in the collections of many international institutions, public spaces and private collections from Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom and the United States. Such as the collections of National Art Gallery, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum in Beijing, Australia Parliament, Chancery of the Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations, New York, Singapore Embassy, Washington DC, Istana Singapore, Changi Airport Terminal 3. Her education in Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture has established the knowledge in understanding of nature and its environment that affected her work.  Most of her organic works are inspired by the flora and fauna in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Her work comments on the changing landscape in the region and the deforestation that adversely impacts the environment and ecosystem. “The Black Forest” installation is a series of works that comment on the bleak consequences of deforestation.

Suriani Suratman (b. 1959, Singapore)

Suriani Suratman, a social anthropologist, is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore. She started pottery classes in 2001 at the Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore under the tutorship of Master Potter Dr. Iskandar Jalil. She continued to study with Iskandar at his studio in Jalan Senyum from 2003 and at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios from 2005. She currently practises at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios where she also teaches ceramics. Suriani is inspired by the stories of peoples, places and the past. She hopes that her works will evoke ideas, memories and feelings that will be a starting point for a journey of reflection. Suriani has participated in many group exhibitions including “Shaping Clay” (Singapore Clay Festival, 2023) and “Tribute to Local Clay: A Pottery Exhibition (Maya Gallery, 2015). Her third solo exhibition, ‘Pusat: Conversations with my mama Saerah’ was held at The Arts House, Singapore in July 2022. She has done several commissioned works including a ceramic mural and installation called “Apollo’s Dream” (Nanyang Technological University Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, 2016). Her artworks are in the National Gallery Singapore collection.

Oh Chai Hoo财和胡 (b. 1960, Singapore) 

Oh Chai Hoo is a Singapore artist who works extensively with various mediums. Since graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1982, Oh remains an active member of the local arts scene. He was the vice-president (2013 – 2021) of Singapore’s Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society and had held various exhibitions locally and in South Korea and Japan. He has received a Distinction in Visual Art Creation by the NAFA Alumni Association (1992), Highly Commended in Abstract Medium at the 18th UOB Painting of the Year competition (1999), the Siaw-Tao Achievement Award in 2009, and the Siaw-Tao Best Artwork Award in 2013. Oh’s ceramics exhibitions include “Marks on Earth – Ceramic Seals by Oh Chai Ho (iPreciation, 2021). His works are well collected privately and also permanently collected by the National Museum of Singapore and The Istana, Singapore.

Chua Chon Hee蔡春喜 (b.1960, Singapore)

Chua Chon Hee is a local artist who works extensively with various mediums. Graduating from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with an Advanced Diploma in Western Art in 1982, she was involved in fine arts education for many years, and is now dedicated to her artistic creation. In recent years, she has focused on ceramics and prints as her main mediums of creation, and is largely inspired by nature. She is also open to different art forms and mediums, and has explored seal carving and ink painting. Chon Hee has held solo exhibitions, and has also been involved in many group and major overseas exhibitions. Her artworks have been acquired by many hotels, corporations, as well as by private collectors. In 2016, she initiated, and was part of an exhibition called “A Thousand Cups and Maybe More” – the first of its kind – with 7 other potters and ceramics enthusiasts, bringing 1000 ceramic cups to the audience. Her most recent solo exhibition comprised of ceramics and prints in 2023 was titled “The Long Gaze” (ArtCommune Gallery AC43). She also regularly organized annual showcases with her students such as Taking Roots to Rise (Stamford Arts Centre) in 2022

Ahmad Abu Bakar (b. 1963, Malaysia)

Ahmad Abu Bakar graduated from LaSalle SIA College of the Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Ceramics) in 1989. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) from the University of Tasmania (Australia) in 1995. Upon his return to Singapore in 1996, Ahmad joined LaSalle College of the Arts as a full-time lecturer until 2008 where he taught ceramics and 3D studies. He also pursued his Master of Fine Arts with RMIT / LaSalle–SIA during his teaching period in the college. Since 2009, Ahmad has dedicated his time to working with the Singapore Prison as an art instructor, where he mentors the inmates in an Arts programme (3D studies). He is also currently an adjunct lecturer at NIE (NTU). Ahmad has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Australia, France and Indonesia including the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (2009) and the International Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition: Asian Ceramics Network and Selsius, held in the National Art Gallery, Malaysia (2007). Ahmad has also co-curated a showcase of Singaporean Malay artists entitled Tok Selampit Millenniumin 2004 at the Jendela art space (Esplanade, Theatres by the Bay). In 2019 Ahmad had his third solo exhibition at Chan+Hori Contemporary titled LANGIT, BUMI, TANAH aka THE LAND OF THE HEAVENLY SKY. In 2021 he did an installation at work at the Concourse Esplanade and donated 200 pcs of the works to Esplanade and Harun Ghani Foundation for charity.

Chor Mui Ling美玲曹 (b.1969, Singapore)

Mui Ling’s artistic journey began at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1991, where she graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art. Since then, Mui Ling’s commitment to art education has been unwavering. From imparting knowledge as a part-time art teacher in various educational settings to assuming the role of a course coordinator at Gradsign Art School, In 2014 she earned a Certificate in Ceramic from her alma mater. Mui Ling’s fascination with clay goes beyond the technicalities; it is a nostalgic reverie to carefree childhood days. The transformation of a lump of clay on the wheel echoes the simplicity and happiness of playing barefoot in open fields.  Mui Ling has been part of several group exhibitions. This includes “The Promise, A Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition” (Gallery, Singapore 2022) and “A Thousand Cups and Maybe More” (The Art Space @ Suntec, 2016).

Chua Choon Lims春玲蔡 (b. 1972, Singapore)

From the delicate artistry of leather crafting to the rustic embrace of wood, and now immersed in the world of pottery, Chua Choon Lims is a Singaporean artist working with various mediums.  Under the tutelage of Chua Chon Hee and the late Chng Seok Tin, Choon Lims began nurturing her skills in both printmaking and ceramics. In her art creation process, Choon Lims strives to capture elements of imperfection and impermanence in the fleeting moments of life, creating works that are organic and raw.  She also aims to reflect a profound connection to nature, echoing the simplicity and authenticity inherent in wabi-sabi. Choon Lims has participated in group exhibitions including “Pottery Parlour – Moon Jar Edition” (Potters by the Hill, 2023) and “Taking Roots to Rise” (Stamford Arts Centre, 2022).

Loy Yan Ling黎燕玲 (b. 1974, Singapore)

Loy Yan Ling took her first lesson in clay in 1999 and was under the tutelage of Jessie Lim till 2012.  Her subsequent relocation to Kuwait (2006 to 2009) and travelling experiences brought about further opportunities to learn from ceramics artists such as Mohd Esa (Kuwait), Douglas Philips (UK), Candone Wharton (US, Bali) and Hiroshige Kato (Japan).  In 2012, she left her teaching career and started Euphoramics from her home studio.  Currently Euphoramics is a 1000 sq ft creative space and Yan Ling conducts ceramics courses and provides guidance to other potters there. The learning experiences gleaned from the different artists have shaped Yan’s understanding when working with clay. Yan draws on emotions and memories when she creates her works.  She believes memories connect people and hopes through her works, they can rekindle our fondest memories and experiences.  She has participated in ‘The Promise’ a group exhibition at Artcommune, Singapore in June 2022 and ‘Shaping Clay’ of Singapore Clay Festival in Nov 2023.


Han Sai Por, 2024, Liquid Jar Series 1, 24x9x15.5cm, Black clay (unglazed)

Suriani Suratman, 2024, Pandanglah. Lihatlah1 (Look at me. Watch me1), 14x8x21.5cm, Mixed raku clay,
Red iron oxide oxide, Shino glaze

Oh Chai Hoo, Beyond Capacity超載, 2024, 31.5x30x16cm, Stoneware with color slip

Chua Choon Hee, Cryptic Conversation 晦涩的对话 #1, 2024, Cryptic Conversation (晦涩的对话): #1(A) 29x16x22cm,
#1(B) 16×18.5x12cm, Local clay with iron oxide and glaze

Ahmad Abu Bakar, Borak Borak ‘O’ (A Casual/Empty Talk) – Clay #1, 2024, 45cmx16cmx48cm, Clay (mixed), Wood, Glaze

Chor Mui Ling, Neeuq, 2024,23.5x18x13cm, White stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze

Chua Choon Lims, Equilibrium, 2024, 26×26.5×15.5cm, PF670 black clay, Porcelain slip, Lava glaze, Spectrum gold rain glaze, Amaco honey flux and blue midnight glaze

Loy Yan Ling, Chasing Tales, 2024,14x14x18cm, White stoneware, Metal oxides ceramic ink, Slip, Underglaze, Glaze

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