Spring Rhapsody 《春之曲》

Venue: iPreciation (誰先覺), 50 Cuscaden Road, HPL House #01-01, Singapore 249724 

Private Preview: Jan 14, 2021  (By Invitation Only)

Exhibition Opens to Public: Jan 15 – Jan 30, 2021 (In Conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2021)

(Due to social distancing, prior viewing arrangement is recommended. Please call 6339 0678 or email Brian at brian.foong@ipreciation.com)

Spring Rhapsody is a celebration of new beginnings. Bringing together 25 works by five Chinese artists — Zhang Jian-Jun, Lui Chun Kwong, Huang Yuanqing, Xue Song and Jin Jie, the show offers a unique take on the endless possibilities of mediums and concepts. 

Widely regarded as a trailblazer in Chinese abstract art, Zhang Jian-Jun’s (b. 1955) bold experiments span across paintings, installations, sculptures and mixed media works. Drawing on Daoist and Zen philosophies, his metaphysical sculpture showcased in this exhibition is a reflection of the passage of time and presence.  

Lui Chun Kwong (b. 1956), a pioneer of Hong Kong abstract art and torchbearer of the citys arts scene, continues to light the path with his audacious interpretations of traditional Chinese landscape, shan shui (mountain and water). The robust lines present in his works thrum the vigour of nature in its most rustic and primitive form. 

A representative of Chinese calligraphic abstraction, Huang Yuanqing (b. 1963) extracts visual elements of calligraphy into his lyrical paintings. As he sets the lines and stokes free, they transfigure into animated beats bursting with energy and spontaneity. Painting in a multitude of colours, his oeuvre is expressively free-spirited.

Hailed as a leading Contemporary Chinese Pop Art figure, ‘fire’, ‘ash’ and ‘fragments’ are just some keywords closely tied to Xue Song (b. 1965). Known for burning printed materials and later piecing the remnants to form collages, the artist cleverly examines the past through his ingenious way of appropriation. 

Jin Jie’s (b. 1965) poetic oil paintings are a much-needed relief from the weighty societal issues that have been plaguing our minds these days. His semi-abstract works capture the zest of his historic hometown, Jiangsu, reduced to the most authentic way as his mind sees it, elegant and refined.

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2021, Spring Rhapsody invites viewers to contemplate on the diversity of ideas and creativity.

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