Moments of Serene Contemplation – A Showcase of Ashley Yeo’s Works

Moments of Serene Contemplation – A Showcase of Ashley Yeo’s Works

Showcase opens: 2 Sept – 16 Sept, 2023

iPreciation takes pleasure in presenting the exquisite artistic expressions of Ashley Yeo, a name that resonates profoundly in the Singaporean art milieu. Renowned for her mesmerizing paper cut-out works and pastel-pigmented drawings, Ashley Yeo stands as a visionary artist whose works have captured the hearts of many. These artworks offer an in-depth exploration of Yeo’s distinctive artistic voice, particularly her mastery of the meticulous and delicate art of paper cut-outs for which she is renowned.

A highlight of the showcase is Yeo’s series of three pigments on paper drawings – a medium that marked the inception of her artistic practice. Although rarely exhibited, these drawings profoundly mirror the significance of natural elements and the symmetrical allure of flowers within her body of work. Each drawing is a labour of love, meticulously developed over months with an almost mechanical precision that defies their hand-drawn nature. This manifestation of Yeo’s unwavering dedication to her craft across diverse materials vividly underscores her artistic ethos.

These drawings are not mere artworks but an in-depth exploration of conscious deceleration. In her retreat to nature, Yeo finds her muse in vast landscapes, from the gentle hues of the Arctic Circle’s summer solstice sky, where she undertook a residency in 2014, to the intricacies of floral symmetry. This harmonious juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity, fragility and durability, resonates deeply within her creations. The form and presence of natural elements provide Yeo with a rich palette from which she sculpts her meticulous and ethereal objects. Each piece emanates from meditative pigments on paper drawings, a tribute to her devotion to her art. Patiently and diligently hand-drawn over months, this process demands extended periods of solitude and patience. Yeo invites you to embark on a journey where you, too, are encouraged to slow down, bask in life’s smaller wonders, and experience an innate sense of calm.

In perfect harmony with her gentle-hued nature drawings, Ashley Yeo’s hand-cut paper works create an immersive experience that transports her audience into a realm of delicate beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, evoking a profound sense of tranquillity. Every intricate detail within these paper works is a testament to Yeo’s unwavering commitment to her skilful technique. Executed with utmost precision, each contour and curve are the results of painstaking effort, often involving the deft manipulation of a sharp scalpel. The artist’s touch, guided by patience and dedication, brings forth these exquisite masterpieces that stand as an embodiment of her artistic vision.

This showcase provides a rare opportunity to witness the evolution of Ashley Yeo’s artistic prowess as she seamlessly intertwines nature’s grace with her own, delivering moments of serene contemplation to all who encounter her masterful creations.

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