Jin Jie 金捷 (b. 1965)

Jin Jie 金捷 was born in 1965 in Jiangsu province, China, he graduated from Oil painting studies in Nanjing University of Arts in 1991, and went on to achieve an M.A. in Western Arts and Lecture in 1997. In 2008, he obtained a Ph.D in Fine Art from his alma mater Nanjing University of Arts in Jiangsu province.

The lyrical nature of Jin Jie’s semi-abstract works is a testament of his mastery of western traditional of oil painting techniques. With over two decades of exploration and development within one of the most competitive art institutions in China, Jin Jie employs inviting colours, notably various shades of grey, black and white, with occasional strokes of colours, to portray the rural landscape of his beloved homeland.

Jin Jie feels a strong affinity to his homeland, a personal and familiar place deeply rooted where his spirit lifts when he encounters her beautiful landscape and scenery. This is evident in his work where we observe generous layers of oil streaked across the canvas, in quick and vigorous strokes, capturing not the minute details but the essence of the place, of the atmospheric qualities of the Jiangsu landscape and also the essence of the artist’s state of mind and his response to the place.

As such, Jin Jie instinctively captures the spirit of Jiangnan style – where the works are poetic rather than political in today’s contemporary art scene. Despite the weighty societal changes occurring in China, the artist has allowed viewers to adopt a unique perspective of his hometown, casting aside the stuffy, industrialized atmosphere that precedes economic development, and drawing attention to the presence of a poetic, tireless cultural code that binds a country with its people.

Jin Jie has exhibited extensively within Jiangsu province and is a member of the prestigious China Artists Association amongst many other notable appointments in China. He continues to live and work in Nanjing.

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

  • Trail of Heart, 2016, iPreciation, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions 

  • Winter Solstice, 2003, iPreciation, Singapore

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