Huang Yuanqing 黃淵青 (b. 1963)

Huang Yuanqing was born in Shanghai, China in 1963, learning and practising calligraphy from a young age. He graduated from the Shanghai University of Science and Technology in 1985. Huang later studied at the Shanghai Normal University in 1987 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department in 1989. He currently lives and works in Shanghai.

A representative of Chinese calligraphic abstraction, Huang extracts visual elements of calligraphy into his lyrical paintings. As he sets the lines and stokes free, they transfigure into animated beats bursting with energy and spontaneity. Painting in a multitude of colours, his oeuvre is expressively free-spirited.

Huang has held many solo and group exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Japan and other parts of Asia and Europe. His works are permanently collected in Ming Yuan Art Museum, Shanghai (China), Shanghai Art Museum (China), Shanghai Museum of Glass Art (China), Shanghai Zhangjiang Art Museum (China), China International Import Expo (China) and Arario Gallery, Seoul (South Korea).


  • 1989 | Shanghai Normal University, Fine Arts Department
  • 1985 | Shanghai University of Science and Technology

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016 | Huang Yuanqing, Gallery Albrecht, Berlin / Ink Aroundspace Living, Shanghai
  • 2015 | “Shi” 203 Art, Shanghai
  • 2014 | Folding space, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai
  • 2013 | Huang Yuanqing, Gallery Sanjyo Gion, Kyoto
  • 2012 | Huang Yuangqing, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin
  • 2010 | Xing Xiang, Zhang Jiang Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai / Huang Yuangqing, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin
  • 2007 | move closer, Gallery of Bangkok University
  • 2005 | in, not in, Zhang Jiang, Shanghai
  • 2004 | Facade, Facade, A&A Phoenix, Hong Kong
  • 2003 | Facade, Facade, BizArt, Shanghai, PRC
  • 2002 | Gallery Goto, Tokyo, Japan / The Light From Within, A&A Phoenix, Hong Kong
  • 2001 | Gallery Goto, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2016 | Dialect, China Art Museum, Shanghai / Abstract China, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai / Study Of Line, Niandai  Art Museum, Wenzhou / Poetique, Pifo Gallery, Beijing / Breath, Liuhaisu Art Museum Branch, Shanghai / No Limit, Zhoupu Art Centre, Shanghai / Banquit of art, Chun Art Museum, Shanghai / Foresight, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai
  • 2015 | Time And Space, Power Station Of Art / Art in Shanghai, Songjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai / Red, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai / Collective Individualism, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai / City Vision, Yun Art Centre, Shanghai / Nothing, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai / Grand Tour From Soul, Capital Gallery, Shanghai / Somewhere in Time Around, Space Gallery, Shanghai
  • 2014 | Contemporary Art in shanghai, City Sculpture centre, Shanghai / Ink, Chun Art Museum, Shanghai / Works on Paper, 203 Art, Shanghai / “Pusu” Art Museum, Shanghai
  • 2013 | Utopia, Mingyuan Art Centre, Shanghai / Paintings, James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai / Hong fang Union, Hong Fang Art Space, Shanghai / Heart.Soul, Bund 22 Art, Shanghai
  • 2012 | New Art in Shanghai, Taiwan Art Museum, Taipei / Horizon, Yamanashi Art Museum, Yamanashi / JiangNan, Fan Hua Artspace, Shanghai / The Way of Writing, Himalaya Art Centre, Shanghai / Shanghai Culture, Hong Fang Art Space
  • 2011 | Dao.Nature, Shanghai Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai / Horizon, You Diao Yuan Institution, Shanghai / New tradition-Abstract Art From Shanghai, Gallery Sanjyo Gion, Kyoto / Come Back, Pu Dong Airport, Shanghai / Word, Nestyard Gallery, Shanghai / Writing and Passing, Ku Art.Bei jing / City Abstraction, Gallery Art Front, Tokyo
  • 2010 | River Flows East, The Collection Art Archaeology in Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing / Shanghai Modern, CAI contemporary art Reach Institute, Sapporo / Works in air, Shanghai highway, Shanghai / Works on Paper, Tanshi Art
  • 2009 | Quiet quest: Realism to Abstraction, Onemoon art, Beijing / Back to Modern, Xihu art Museum, Hangzhou / Fan Ceremony: Works on Paper, Fine Arts Literature Art Centre, Wuhan/Yard Gallery, Shanghai / 7 Artist, Nestyard Gallery, Shanghai / Ink Painting Today, 796 Art, Shanghai
  • 2008 | SH Contemporary 2008, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai / China Art Now, Sinwa Art Center, Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai Contemporary Art, Kaluyisawa  Art Centre, Kaluyisawa / Shanghai Focus, 99 Art Space, Shanghai / New Abstract Art, K Gallery, Chengdu
  • 2007 | Chinese edition—— Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum / With-Shanghai Contemporary Artists’ Calligraphy Works Exhibition, Mao Ming Gallery, Shanghai / Shanghai Famous Artists’ Calligraphy Works Exhibition, Ming Yuan Art Centre, Shanghai / Shanghai Going On, Bunkamu Gallery, Tokyo / Shanghai Wash Zoology, Ming Yuan Art Centre, Shanghai / Classic Style, Originality Art Center, Shanghai  / Contemporary Present, Wu Jiao Chang 800, Shanghai / Line, Creek Art Center, Shanghai / Float-China Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / SH Contemporary 2007, Shanghai Exhibition Center / Art in China, Tokyo Simwa Art Museum
  • 2006 | Classic of Institute, Hai Shang Hai Art Centre, Shanghai / Interlinked, Dong Hua University, Shanghai / Works of Two Artists, Ya Cao Gallery, Shanghai / ImageNo Image, Ban Dao Art Centre, Shanghai / Attitude, East China Normal University, Shanghai / Their Print, Ban Dao Art Centre, Shanghai / Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Ming Yuan Art Centre, Shanghai / Return From Mao Ming Road, Mao Ming Gallery, Shanghai
  • 2005 | Metaphysics 2005; Black and White, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, PRC / Alien and Illusion, Shanghai Art Museum / Possible of Founding, Spring Salon, Shanghai
  • 2004 | Beyond Dimensional Space, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai / Only Natural-Cognition & Touch, the Abstract and the Real, Henry’s Studio & Antiques, Shanghai / Shanghai 1.2.3: calligraphy exhibition, Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai Abstract Art, Ming Yuan Art Centre, Shanghai / Dreaming of Dragon Nation, Contemporary Art from China, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland Angle; a touring exhibition Red Classic Gallery, Nanjing, Endless Gallery, Shanghai & ChinaBlue Gallery, Beijing of one’s own accord; a modern art exhibition with no scheme, Original Impress Art Club, Shanghai Reflection: China Japan Korea Modern Art, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
  • 2003 | Metaphysics: Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum / Shanghai 1.2.3: A touring exhibition, Shanghai, PRC, Tokyo, Nagano & Soka, Japan / A Different Choice 60’s Generation; Bandao Art Centre, Shanghai PRC / Yue, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
  • 2002 | East-West: Chinese Contemporary Art, Artist’s House, Vienna, Austria / The Wind From Shanghai, Shanghai Contemporary Art, Hamburg, Germany / Japan & China: Group Calligraphy Exhibition, Shanghai / 24:30 Contemporary Art Exhibition, BizArt, Shanghai / Shanghai Abstract Art, Liu Hai Shu Art Museum, Shanghai / Metaphysics: Shanghai Abstract Art, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
  • 2001 | Retour, Shanghai / ExtraOrdinary, Aura Gallery, Shanghai / Los Angeles International Art Biennale, Los Angeles, USA / Metaphysics: Shanghai Abstract Art, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai / Art Fair, Guangzhou PRC / Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Tokyo, Japan / Contemporary Art Exhibition, AA Gallery, Shanghai / Shanghai Inchon International Fine Art Exchange Exhibition, Inchon, Korea / Grosse Kunst Ausstellung, Dusseldorf, Germany / Fan Exhibition, Shanghai
  • 2000 | Abstract Transitions: a two-person painting exhibition, BizArt, Shanghai / Works on Paper, Aura Gallery, Shanghai

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