Great Righteousness Resolving Confusion: A Solo Exhibition of Tse Yim On


Exhibition Period: 8th – 24th April 2010
Jardine House, Central Hong Kong

A young artist in possession of witty, eccentric apparitions concerning his hometown, and its role in a more globalised framework, Tse Yim On’s paintings are akin to the visualised adaptation of the surrealistic, linguistic process of automatic writing; a system that bypasses the criterion of mental censorship, liberally enticing the mind to express with instantaneous verve, the unexpurgated viewpoints on a page, or in the context of visual artistry, on the base of a canvas. In his paintings, the artist’s cognisant and subconscious discernment of society is present, thus accomplishing a paradoxical approach to truth that is tainted vehemently with a subliminal spasm, conflating the volatile with the suggestive.

The artist endeavours to astonish and trigger unanticipated sentiments amongst his viewers, igniting a covert reaction that might otherwise be dormant. Deriving ceaseless amusement from mocking and caricaturising delicate topics, Tse aims to swathe a disparate light on repressed issues that plague his society, but issues that are omnipresent in this swiftly shrinking world.

Although the animated world (characterised by manga and video games) is a highlight of Tse’s artworks, the artist’s priorities do not solely lie with the questionable effects that this particular subculture has on Hong Kong society, but instead, expand to include a more generalised approach, namely popular culture as a whole. Through this universal medium, viewers are better able to identify the prevalent political issues beneath the comical veil, selectively choosing to scrutinise themes that possess greater pertinence to the concerns rife on their own terrain, regardless of race, culture or religion.

‘Great Righteousness Resolving Confusion’, a solo exhibition of Tse Yim On, will feature an exclusive selection of artworks dating from 2006 – 2010. The exhibition will also showcase Tse’s unique, award winning canvas books, dating from 1998. Viewers will be able to chart the artist’s developments at this inaugural showcase at iPRECIATION Hong Kong, from 8- 24 April 2010.

The exhibition will be curated by Ms Elizabeh Poon, a graduate from the University of Hong Kong, who obtained a Masters degree with a scope of study in contemporary Literature, critical theories, and postmodern culture and literature. A catalogue will be published. To pre-order a catalogue of Tse Yim On’s upcoming solo exhibition, or for artwork enquiry/ preview:
Please contact or +852 2537 8869.

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