Cheung Yee


 3 – 9 August 2008

Cheung Yee Solo Exhibition The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central Hong Kong

One of the most respected names in modern Asian art, Hong Kong master sculptor Cheung Yee is renowned as a pioneer for the integration of Western sculptural forms with classical Chinese symbols and motifs. He’s the only artist in the history of Hong Kong who has been invited to conduct three solo exhibitions in the prestigious Hong Kong Museum of Art.

His renowned cast paper murals which will be showcase, were developed in the 70s and His renowned cast paper murals which will be showcased, were developed in the 70s and won him an MBE honour in 1979 in recognition of his contributions to the art of Hong Kong. These artworks comprises of derivation from ancient poems and writings, encasing a dichotomy of tradition and modernity. One example is “Ode to General Pei” where he uses four different scripts of famous Tang dynasty calligrapher, Yan Zhen-Qing in the artwork.

His bronze and wood sculptures originate from tortoise-shell motifs, which is prevalent in his works. His fascination with this form is based on the ancient Chinese tradition of telling fortunes using tortoise shells. Incense is burned onto the shell and the way it cracked supposedly answers questions about the future. Scholarly and philosophical, his elegant and textured works are imbued with a sense of poignant historicity and gravity despite their modernist aesthetic. Sculptures such as “Four Spirits” and “Spirit C & D” are particularly outstanding for their enigmatic nativistic designs, deliberately calibrated sculptural balance, and imposing structure, while subtly referencing Chinese mythology. “Magic Nine” presents a truncated column of bronze featuring an interesting wood grain texture, an abstract design of tortoise shell shaped- apertures, and sinuous serpentine swathes. Besides creating an intriguing visual impact, his art allows the viewer to explore and get a glimpse into aspects of ancient Chinese culture. The depth of his works will enthrall viewers, evoking contemplation.

Cheung Yee has been continuously challenging himself to new heights during the past 30 years. His art is original and has brought delight to art lovers around the world. It is a rare opportunity to experience Cheung Yee’s timeless sculptures and masterful exploration of the calligraphic form in a non-calligraphic medium.

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3 – 9 August 2008

Cheung Yee Solo Exhibition The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central Hong Kong

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