Chen Xinmao 陳心懋 (b. 1954)

Chen Xinmao 陳心懋 (b. 1954, China) was born in Shanghai, China. Chen studied at the Art Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy for his bachelor’s degree and graduated in 1982. He later obtained his master’s degree from Nanjing University of the Arts in 1987. Chen is presently a Professor at East China Normal University, College of the Arts, where he manages the Chinese painting studio and supervises master’s degree students.

Chen has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1981, exhibiting widely across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and internationally. His recent exhibitions include Avant-Garde Shanghai – Shanghai 30 Years Contemporary Art Literature Exhibition (1979-2010): Unit 2 – New Wave of Avant-Garde (1985-1992) at Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai in 2018 and “2017 Re-start” – East China Normal University Academy of Fine Arts First Teacher Exhibition at Powerlong Art Center, Shanghai in 2017-2018. Chen’s artworks have also been featured in various publications and exhibition catalogues.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • “Heart and ink phase” – Chen Xinmao’s solo exhibition, Shanghai Lush Lotus Art Space
  • Chen Xinmao Solo Exhibition, 2011, Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Art Museum
  • Solo exhibition, 2010, Hong Kong Central Library
  • Chen Xinmao Solo Exhibition, 2008, M50, Shanghai
  • Chen Xinmao Solo Exhibition, 2008, Vermont Studio Center, U.S.A
  • iStone: Solo Exhibition, 2007, HaiShangShan Art Centre, Shanghai
  • Solo Exhibition, 2007, M50, Shanghai
  • Chen Xinmao – Solo Exhibition, 2003, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Shanghai 30-Year Contemporary Art Document Exhibition: Unit 2 – Avant-garde Trend (1985-1992), 2018, Mingyuan Art Museum
  • “Xi Yun Dan Qing” Chinese Opera Character Painting Exhibition exhibited works “Beijing Opera Drunk Mountain”, “Meng Opera Beijing Butterfly Cup”, 2017, Putuo District Cultural Center, Shanghai
  • Edge Scenery – Shanghai Ink Invitational Exhibition, 2017, Han Tianheng Art Museum
  • “Wind, Water, and Change” – Contemporary Ink Invitational Exhibition, 2016, 20th Shanghai Art Fair
  • Breathing in the water – Shanghai Art Masters Invitational Exhibition, 2016 Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum
  • China New Ink Art Invitational Exhibition, 2016, Tangshan Art Museum
  • 2015·Peace Layer – Contemporary Ink Invitational Exhibition, 2015, Duoyunxuan Art Center, Shanghai
  • Times · Yingying – Shanghai Contemporary Ink Invitational Exhibition, 2015, Long Art Museum, Shanghai
  • 85·Arts 30th Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, 2015, Xinhua Center Art Museum
  • Elephant Invisible – Contemporary Chinese Abstract Art Invitational Exhibition, 2014, Today Art Museum
  • Paper·2014 Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, 2014 Art Newspaper Art Festival, Nantong Art Museum
  • “Art Shanghai City, Style Shanghai” Shanghai Contemporary Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, 2013, Sinan Mansion, Artron Art Network
  • International Ink Painting Exhibition and Academic Seminar, 2012, Zhongshan National Dr. Gallery, National Gallery of Chinese Paintings
  • Ink Online – Contemporary Ink Art World Tour, 2011, Berlin China Cultural Center, Germany
    Planning Exhibition and Academic Hosting Exhibition of Chinese Painting Studio of East China Normal University Art School, 2011, Mingyuan Culture and Art Center
  • Chinese Ink Scene · Shanghai, 2010, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
  • “Open Flexibility ”Innovative Contemporary Ink Art, 2009, Taipei Art Museum, Taiwan
  • Second Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial, 2008, Taipei Contemporary Art Museum
  • The Third Chengdu Biennale, 2007, New International ConventionCenter of Chengdu, Sichuan
  • The 22nd Art International Exhibition of Asia, 2007, Bandung Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Indonesia
  • Exhibition of Chinese Painting Documentaries, 2006, South Vision Art Museum, Nanjing
  • Chinese Modern Art Exhibition, 2005, Reed Savage Gallery, Miami, USA
  • Magic Lanterns, 2005 Galway Art Center, Ireland
  • Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, 2005, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
  • Art Cologne, 2004, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany
  • Art Chicago, 2003, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ink Art Group Exhibition, 2002, Chambers Fine Arts, New York, USA
  • Beyond Image / Under Image  Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2001, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
  • 20 Years of Experimentation – Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Retrospection Exhibition, 2001, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangdong Province
  • The 4th National Ink Painting Exhibition, 2000, International Art Palace, Beijing
  • The 2O+1 Exhibition for Contemporary Chinese Art, 1998, International Communication Club, Japan

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