Singapore Kaleidoscope 2023: Celebrating Local Artistry

Singapore Kaleidoscope 2023: Celebrating Local Artistry

Exhibition Opens: Aug 5 – Aug 19, 2023

In celebration of Singapore’s fifty-eighth National Day, iPreciation is delighted to present Singapore Kaleidoscope 2023: Celebrating Local Artistry, a Singapore-focused art exhibition featuring uniquely Singaporean works.

Step into the vibrant world of Singapore through the eyes of six esteemed local artists: Wee Shoo Leong (b. 1958), Oh Chai Hoo (b. 1960), Lim Soo Ngee (b. 1962), Tay Bak Chiang (b. 1973), Wang Ruo Bing (b. 1975), and Lim Jia Qi (b. 1997). This captivating exhibition invites viewers to immerse themselves in the diverse and rich tapestry of Singapore’s landscapes, culture, and everyday life, depicted through a myriad of artistic expressions.

Singapore Kaleidoscope 2023: Celebrating Local Artistry presents an eclectic fusion of artistic expressions, capturing the city’s essence through diverse lenses. Through these artworks, viewers are invited to see Singapore anew, appreciating its many facets and the talent of these exceptional local artists who breathe life into their chosen mediums.

Ju Ming Living World Series – Traveling Exhibition in China


Picture credit: Wharf Shanghai

iPreciation in collaboration with Wharf Properties is proud to present Ju Ming Living World Series – Traveling Exhibition in China.

Exhibition Timeline:

Shanghai Times Square and Shanghai Wheelock Square  2nd Nov – 30th Nov 2015

This year, a selection of sculptures from Ju Ming’s Living World series embarked on a year-long travelling exhibition across 4 cities in China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian and Shanghai. Working in close partnership with Wharf Properties, this initiative marks the first time that Ju Ming’s works are presented in a commercial environment in China, as in the past Ju Ming has enjoyed numerous museum exhibitions. The next and final city stop will be at Shanghai’s Times Square and Wheelock Square. For the last installation, the public art exhibition will present works from the artist’s Living World Series – Swimming, Skirt Story, Shopping, Resting and Treasure.

Chengdu IFS / Chongqing Times Square / Dalian Times Square Opening Photos

For more information on the project, please contact us at:

Tel: 65 6339 0678

Email: enquiry@ipreciation.com

Chen Sai Hua Kuan 陳賽華灌 (b. 1976)

Chen Sai Hua Kuan was born in Singapore in 1976, he graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 1997 and obtained a Master in Fine Arts from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London in 2007. His practice is uniquely open. Garbage, silverware, industrial materials, anything can inspire him and becomes his material. With no limitation and boundary, Sai Hua Kuan’s installation, video, performances, photographs, and objects combine visual simplicity and playfulness. However, his executions are often laborious, technical, mechanical, and life-threatening. Through his works, viewers are inspired by the sense of inventiveness, precision, freedom, and ingenuousness.

He has exhibited extensively on international platforms such as ‘Singapore Biennale’ (2013 Singapore), ‘EV+A’ (2010, Ireland), ‘Moscow International Biennale for Yong Art’ (2010, Russia), ‘14th Media Art Beinnale WRO’ (2011, Poland) and more.

In March 2015, Sai’s latest work titled ‘Ling Ting 2’ was commissioned and debut on the Grand Palais steps, on the occasion of the Art Paris Art Fair in Paris. He is currently taking part in an artist residency at the prestigious Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany.


  • 2007 | Master in Fine Arts, Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London, UK
  • 1997 | Diploma in Fine Arts, Lasalle-SIA College of The Arts, Singapore

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2014 | Space Drawing, OSAGE Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2012 | Everything That Has a Point Makes A Circle, Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore
  • 2009 | Drawing between Nothing, The Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

 Selected Group Exhibitions 

  • 2016 | Gone By, Just Before the Present Time, 2016, iPreciation, Singapore
  • 2016 | ENVISION: Sculptures @ the Garden City, Singapore 
  • 2014 | Unearthed, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2014 | Moving Image New York, New York, USA
  • 2014 | Medium at Large, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2013 | If the World Changed, The Singapore Biennale, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2013 | Winds of Artist in Residence 2013 –Part 1, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukoka, Japan
  • 2013 | Mostyn Open 18, Wales, UK
  • 2013 | The Realm in the Mirror, the Vision out of Image, Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China
  • 2013 | Arte Laguna Prize, Finalist Artists Exhibition, Arsenale of Venice, Italy
  • 2013 | PARALLAX Between Borders: Singapore China, Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore
  • 2012 | Panorama: Recent Art from Contemporary Asia, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2012 | Intimacy, Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore
  • 2012 | International Film Festival Rotterdam – ATTRACTION OF THE OPPOSITES, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Selected Public Collections

  • Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • He Xiangning Art Museum, China
  • Vehbi Koc Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

For the full list of exhibitions and collections, please contact the gallery at enquiry@ipreciation.com

Images of artworks

Ye Jian Qing 葉劍青 (b. 1972)

Ye Jian Qing 葉劍青 is an example of an artist who has redefined what it means to make contemporary art; retaining the aesthetic and philosophical heritage of Chinese cultural influences while displaying an individualistic creative identity. Born in Zhejiang Province, China, Ye is a well established artist, having won acclaim from critics and collectors alike. After getting his Master’s Degree and PhD from the Beijing Central Academy of Art (CAFA), he now teaches at the Fresco Department in CAFA.

In a bold and valuable return to subtle yet intellectually stimulating works, Ye draws on the refined approach of traditional Chinese painting and fuses it with modern sensibilities. His oil on canvas depictions of land and cityscapes are unique in both concept and perspective, expressed in an almost dream-like manner to trigger emotional and philosophical responses amongst his viewers. Ye’s work is fluid and moving; relying on dusky hues and diaphanous textures to evoke a sense of deep poeticism and yearning for a past which is rapidly fading. The emotive quality of his work turns the muted canvas into a metaphor for cultural and artistic reflection.

A recognizable theme of Ye’s works is the image of Hutongs, the traditional winding alleyways of China which connect the courtyards of ancient houses. Hutongs are deeply ingrained into the psyche of city inhabitants, being the backdrop of daily life, historical and social change. However they are gradually being eroded by encroaching urbanization and Ye’s softly blurred images are permeated by a sense of pursuing vanishing moments.
Ye’s paintings capture present-day China in a way which is rarely seen, as a product of its rich cultural and historical past ceding to a bustling metropolis, an anomaly which will soon vanish and leave its traces only on the canvas of progressive visionaries like himself.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Rain Rhythms, New Works by Ye Jianqing, 2012, iPreciation, Singapore
  • Ye Jianqing – Reflections of the Mind, 2010, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
  • Hutong Memory: A Solo Exhibition, 2009, iPreciation, Hong Kong
  • Ye Jianqing, 2007, The Rotunda, Exchange Square Central, Hong Kong
  • Scenic Poetry, 2004, iPreciation, Singapore

Images of artworks

Ju Ming Taichi Series Exhibition 2009



23 January – 15 November 2009

200 Newton Road, Newton 200 Ground Floor, Singapore 307983 by appointment only

iPRECIATION is pleased to announce an exhibition preview of the celebrated Taichi Series by the Award winning artist JU MING (b. 1938).

The Taichi Series is the second series of works Ju Ming has created, in between his popular Nativist and the recent Living World Series. As his astounding sculptural technique demonstrates, the Taichi Series effectively explicates the contemplative flow of the self.

The Taichi Series is an important milestone signifying the maturity of Ju Ming’s sculptural language and aesthetic style, where he found himself being able to wield his exquisite craftsmanship with complete ease and freedom, reaching the stage of being unconscious of the ‘self’ in the process. These works are noteworthy as the sculpting process for such massive artworks requires considerable effort for his age, thus attesting to the rarity of this series, that will no doubt, be a heartfelt artistic indulgence for all sculptural art enthusiasts.

Ju Ming was born in 1938, in Taiwan. Before he became an established artist, he served his apprenticeship under sculptor Lee Chichuan (1953) and Yuyu Yang (1968). Ju Ming has exhibited extensively at major international galleries, museums and open spaces around the world; including Tokyo Central Art Museum (1976), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1987), London’s South Bank Centre & Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Musee d’Art Contemporain a Dunkerque in Paris (1991), Buckinghamshire’s Milton Keynes Sculpture Park (1992), Place Vendome in Paris (1997), Brandenburger Tor in Berlin (2003), Singapore Art Museum (2004) and National Art Museum of China (2006).

For further information or artwork enquiry please contact enquiry@ipreciation.com or 65 6339 0678



Ju Ming Taichi Sculpture Exhibition


1 – 27 April 2006

National Art Museum of China, Beijing

The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Ju Ming Museum (JM) and iPRECIATION will collaborate this April to co-organise Ju Ming’s most celebrated pieces at the world renowned National Art Museum of China.

Featuring over 60 sculptures, this showcase is the second largest display of the artist’s famed ‘Taichi’ series, marking the artist’s inaugural exhibition in the Mainland, and the first solo showcase by a Taiwanese artist at NAMOC.

For further information or artwork enquiry please contact enquiry@ipreciation.com or 65 6339 0678


JU Ming 朱銘



1 July – 31 December 2004

Various locations in Singapore

Ju Ming’s travelling exhibition will be making its international debut in Singapore, to showcase the artist’s latest series from his famous Taichi Sculptures. Known as ‘The Taichi Arch’, this series constitutes 20 abstract arches, to mark Ju Ming’s finale to his Taichi sculptures.

In conjunction with this colossal artistic showcase, iPRECIATION will be conducting a public dialogue by Asian Art Scholars, who will be conveying their academic impressions of Asian Art and Sculpture, titled ‘A Forum on Chinese Art and Aesthetics’.

For further information or artwork enquiry please contact enquiry@ipreciation.com or 65 6339 0678

The Asian Masters



26 July – 17 August 2003

The Fullerton Hotel 1 Fullerton Square #01-10 Singapore 049178

To commemorate the opening of iPRECIATION at the prestigious Fullerton Hotel, we are proud to present an exquisite spectrum of sculptures and paintings by our renowned Asian artists. The showcase will include stunning creations from Ju Ming’s famous ‘Taichi Series’, Cheung Yee’s celebrated cast paper works, with selected pieces from the ‘Fortune’ series, Chua Ek Kay’s distinguished ink and colour paintings, as well as art works from one of the few female pioneers in the New Ink Painting Movement, Irene Chou.

For more information on the exhibition, please contact iPRECIATION at Tel: 6339 0678 or email:  enquiry@ipreciation.com