Blindness & Insight: Visions from the East



13 to 19 July 2009

The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong

iPRECIATION is pleased to announce a group exhibition of three young, Asian artists, this summer in Hong Kong. Ye Jian Qing (b. 1972), Budi Ubrux (b. 1968) and Tse Yim On (b. 1974), herald from three distinct Asian countries: Beijing, Indonesia and Hong Kong respectively. Geared with unprecedented foresight, coupled with a compelling take on various societal and political issues, their paintings are stark representations of a world caught in the throes of globalisation, each artist aptly conveying the recent, labyrinthine routes undertaken by their respective societies.

Ye Jian Qing’s latest series of paintings is a startling deviation from his previous, evocative depictions of the quintessential Chinese ‘Hutong’, as the injection of vibrant colours correlate dynamically with the pulsating cityscape; effectively charting the artist’s development and experimentation with different themes, to convey the inherent changes that lie beneath a façade of obscurity.

Budi Ubrux’s characteristically mummified protagonist, utilised as a mode of satire to portray the artist’s political and societal considerations, is further brought beneath the limelight of scrutiny, as his pieces continue to convey the dire, stifled stance of a nation, coping with neglect from a misinformed system that threatens to eliminate the ideals of sovereignty and individuality. The Indonesian artist’s caustic and highly insightful pieces will make its inaugural feature this summer in Hong Kong.

Tse Yim On, a young, eccentric artist with a singular perspective on the city’s subculture, is concerned with the developments of his homeland, and the consequences of globalisation on the highly influential and intricate city state. Political innuendoes are trapped beneath a myriad of vivacious colours, its staid existence moulded through the wild, morally ambiguous characters in his pieces; as the artist employs the knotty, obsessive gaming culture to convey his impressions on Hong Kong’s societal expansion.

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